Willem van der Hofstede (EN)

The subject of my paintings is the constructed environment, mostly the city.

I started out when a big building in my neighbourhood was demolished. Everyday it got smaller and I understood I had to be quick if I wanted to capture any of it. So I did a series of paintings about demolished buildings and also of construction sites. I called this ‘the changing city’ or ‘the dynamic city’.

Painting is always more than just registrating. It is about the interaction between the surrounding and my own memories, experience and imagination. Sometimes the emotions even become the real subject matter. I did a series of ‘tell tale places’.

Because I started concentrating on the planning of a city, I wanted to understand how architecture and infrastructure together define the shape of the city. Often I looked at the city from a high viewpoint. This was the series ‘structures of the city’.

After that I started out on the theme ‘culturenature’. We don’t find real nature in Holland, but still, life is everywhere. While my earlier painting showed hardly more than glass, stone, steel and plastic I now looked for places where culture and nature come together.

My last works show decayed and overgrown buildings which brings me back to where I once started: ‘the changing city’.